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Turns out, a LOT can happen in your life during a span of 9 months or so. I was inspired, in love, motivated, ambitious, depressed, anti-social, delusional, and a bunch of other words that contradict each other. Sometimes simultaneously, sometimes not. What I'm getting at is there were times where I contemplating giving up on this dumb project, and there were also times where I spent a weekend locked in a rehearsal space for 12+ hours a day recording almost all the instruments for this album. When in Rome. C'est la vie. Carpe diem. YOLO. idk.

What I do know is that I will never be consistently happy, nor will I be consistently sad. I'll be miserable for the entire Winter. I'll defrost during Spring. I'll have an amazing, challenging, fulfilling Summer, and I'll get nostalgic when Autumn rolls around. And repeat and repeat. I don't want to keep repeating myself in these songs, and I already don't have much to say. I like writing songs about people I know and I think I finally, in a way, "captured" what Dani Band is all about this time. Whether it's losing people close to you or appreciating the friends that are still around, things will always be up & down and people will always go back & forth with you.

Thank you to all of my friends, new & old, gone or not, for the art, lyrics, music, stories and inspiration! I have no idea where my life is heading but girl, "the only thing I know for sure is where my pee-pee goes."


released December 17, 2013

Written*, performed**, engineered, mixed & mastered by Dani Barstad

*Lyrics on "Shadow of the Dead Bugs" by Billy Luetzen
*"Head Spin/Fool's Paradise" by Corissa Burkel

**Bree Melechinsky: Alto sax on "Perfect Teeth"

Cover art by Zack Warpinski & Bree Melechinsky
"The Dani Band Hater Band Hates Your Guts" by Dani Reese
"Perfect Teeth" by Jessica Davis
"Ghost Lovers" by Rosi Menn
"Dead Zone" by Sam Tjornhom
"Head Spin/Fool's Paradise" by Paul Claypool
"Shadow of the Dead Bugs" by Lauryn Buda
Back art by Michelle D'Angelo



all rights reserved


The Dani Band Traveling Band Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays drums in a bunch of bands. Used to play guitar in one band. Now plays drums, bass, guitar, & sings for the Dani Band.

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Track Name: The Dani Band Hater Band Hates Your Guts
See me writing another song
Turns out I had it all along
Patch up the bleeding hole in my head
Or write another sad one instead

I can’t seem to think straight - Can’t cut it out
I can’t lose another now that you’re found
I can’t seem to comprehend an original sound

I’ve got a drummer who can’t set up a kit
A guitarist who can’t play a single lick
A bassist who can’t play a note
A singer yelling & complaining about his throat

But at least I’ve got you
And we’re both dead
Track Name: Perfect Teeth
She has a crooked smile yet still holds her teeth perfectly
She wears her clothes so dark to match both her hair & coffee
I’m visualizing in the seat that’s next to me
Wishing you were more than air to hold my fingers between

I could have sworn she was the last one to walk through that door
My body’s torn by the last one that came before
Vanish; unmourned by the souls the last one came here for
I want to die

By way of vexation, her lips secretly slipped me her name
My ignorance; my arrogance, all of myself was to blame
I’d go a fortnight before feelings of a crippling shame
Shot through my body with a pain that’s likely to remain

It isn’t fair to let this anxiety tear me apart
It isn’t enough to fill my eyes without filling my heart
It’s quite a shame to waste a set of perfect teeth
Beauty that’s skin deep but you can’t see underneath

Can't drink myself to sleep 'cause I don't like the taste
Can't cry myself to sleep 'cause I don't know how

Please, have a seat with me
You have your coffee, I’ll have my tea
Who cares if we’re shit full of lies staring into each others eyes?
Emma, please have a seat with me
Track Name: Ghost Lovers
I wear my sunglasses to hide the bags under my eyes
I don’t want to stress you out
I’ll keep all my problems to myself
I know that you really really really want to help
But I’m terrified of what you might find out about my past

You say you want me to just finish this song
But I say that you can’t rush true love
I'm too stubborn to swallow my pride
And I guess I'm too stubborn to let myself feel good inside

I’m a secret - I’m not allowed to be a point of interest
So I’ll wait for the call
I'm not prepared to fall flat on my face
I’ll just wait for your call

I don’t want another ghost tapping on the shoulder
Reminding me of the life I’ve squandered
I can’t seem to come to my senses
I don’t want to be part of anyone else’s life
Track Name: Dead Zone
I’m waiting around for a call that may or may not come today
I've waited around for months for someone that may never come around
In my room I’ll hit refresh until I get the response that I want
Or a response at all…

You've told me once before but will you please say it one more time?
It’s been quite a while. I’m scared your feelings may have changed
I reached out to you yesterday and have yet to hear back
I wonder if I’m even getting through to you at all

My roommate has friends over tonight
I’ll pretend I’m asleep
My stomach’s eating me from the inside
So I’ll pretend to eat

You don’t need to tell me “no”
I've already assumed just as much
Let’s both skip the small talk
Let’s skip talking at all
You don’t have to tell me twice
I heard you the first time
I heard it when you told me nothing at all

For the billionth time I’ll tell you that I like you
And finally believe and stop questioning that you like me too...
Track Name: Head Spin/Fool's Paradise
I'm like the best hook of your favorite book at first glance.
Dig deeper and you'll see I'm fucking crazy as can be in my own head.
Roller coaster ride. Falling short at your side every time.
I'll never get it right. I'll never see the light, and you know why.
Holding on to deception. Falling into depression tonight.
My perception of happy is skewed. And I'm not in the mood to explain.
Go back to bed. Get me out of your head. I swear it's for the best.
I'm tired and confused - broken and bruised - convincing myself that I'm fine.
You're truly deserving of someone much more earning of your smile.
Please don't wait for me. Don't wait for me. Don't wait for me, my head spin.
Track Name: Shadow of the Dead Bugs
I draw conclusions between past and future friends
and the line keeps getting thicker
when their lives abruptly end

I draw blood
with ink a lifeless red
trace the edges of my heart
and try to keep the memories in

I draw self-portraits sunken cheeks on hollow head
a part of you is part of me so part of us is dead

I draw still lifes
try to capture present tense
the lines around the mouth stretch to smile again