Super​!​! [EP]

by The Dani Band Traveling Band

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Immediately after releasing "Shut Up & Go Die!" I started writing for this album. Again, it was originally planned to be a full-length but after writing 11 or so songs, only about 6 of them held up. So I decided to just do another EP and then work on a full-length from there with a tune that I left off of "Super!!"

Musically I feel a helluva lot better about this one. Lyrically I think I'm still writing as if I were still 16. I was definitely more concerned about the song writing versus the song content There's less of a theme going on this time but I do talk about my friends a lot. Friends that I'm lucky to have. Old friends that I've lost. New friends I'm excited to meet.

The title comes from Jason Ellis, who I've had the pleasure of befriending during a number of out-of-towners in Milwaukee. He's a super nice dude and will super show you a good time if you're ever in his area.

Thanks Jason for the title. Thanks Caiti for the vocals work. Thanks Kat for the photos. Thanks Taylor for the drawing. Thanks friends for being my friends and thanks anti-friends for staying out of my life.


released January 1, 2013

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Dani

Additional vocals by Caiti Allison (

Photography by Kat Wuorinen (

Inside drawing by Taylor Olesen



all rights reserved


The Dani Band Traveling Band Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays drums in a bunch of bands. Used to play guitar in one band. Now plays drums, bass, guitar, & sings for the Dani Band.

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Track Name: BackPack
I put all my friends in a backpack
Zip it up shut and secure it around myself
Headphones on even though I'm told it's dangerous
I like to shut out the world when I leave my house

I put all my feelings in a backpack
I try my best to keep them hidden from society
But I can't always get it right
The two fabrics come apart and I'm pouring out on the street

I'm holding on
I can't see straight
I can see you
And I'm holding on

I put my ideas in a backpack
The patches are coming undone but I can't lose my street cred
They're the only things I've got going for me
I can't give them up

My backpack is nothing but fabric in shreds
The old neighborhood that I used to know means nothing to me anymore
It's fading away in a closet and I'm feeling scared

But I won't put down my defenses
And I won't take it off my back
I've got my comic books, my iPod, my drum sticks
My sheet music, my spare clothes, my personality

I put my whole life in a backpack
Track Name: Sweating, Crying
When I was in the 9th grade I kissed the singer of my band
And I can't say I liked it when he had his hands down my pants
(but at least I can say I tried it)

I'll never forget that day when I wore that skirt to school and saw everyone laughing except that guy in charge
You could see his face light up like a red balloon
I think of the old days like they were "sooo old"
I've got a lot to learn about me; about you, but I can't seem to find the words

A cloud of nervousness follows me everyday and I can't see the sun
I feel like I'm on the outside yet never leave my house
Is everyone gone?
I'll try to take consideration of your narrow mind when sculpting a room for myself to stay away from those that remind me of you

Laying awake in bed every night and scared of being different
I can't understand why I can't be the same as you and be cool like you
I don't want to see any of them
I think I'd rather be sick today
Please, leave me. please leave me alone today!
Track Name: Let the Butthurt Flow
Get your head out of your ass
Don't you know you've got nobody's attention?
You can't sit around pushing everyone's buttons and expect zero retaliation

So tell me, how does it feel when someone finally calls you out on your shit?

You've got strong opinions, but apparently a much less stable sense of humor
When the joke's on you, it's time to get serious
I guess this time I've crossed the line

So tell me, how does it feel?

Is your rear okay or is your butt still hurting from the other day?
Can't we still be friends? I heard these types of things are a cinch to mend
Just let it go and take a joke and cool off
We're all just in it for the fun
You''ll never ever ever ever ever ever let it down
Track Name: Super!!
I see all the bugs on your face
You never seem to mind them or the grass stuck inbetween your teeth
You're always left roaming this place
A long day - tired & bored
I swear I haven't forgotten you
I'll still drop by to give you food someday

I feel that scar across your back
It never seems to bother you
But it hurts me just to skim the surface
Your eyes are so permanent black
I wonder if you see right through me
When it melts my heart to see you sleeping

You're stranded there outside
And no one can hear you
But that shaking loneliness makes me feel you're lonely too
So please come back inside

I feel comfort laying next to you
Your head nuzzled next to mine
And your wet nose pressed against my cheek
Track Name: Shut Up & Go Pie!
My friends, they all have wonderful lives
And my friends don't know where I am tonight
If I were to disappear, would anyone care?
I guess I'll never know with my phone off tonight
Wednesday night - it's time for free pie!
I secretly pay our bill to show you that I'm a nice guy
I wonder what its like to be at the top of anyone's priority list
I keep telling myself that I don't have the time, so leave me the fuck alone

I'm the most delusional
And I'm the most jaded
And I'm the loneliest person that I know

You don't even have a name to me
You're just someone I thought I've seen my dreams
You make this cloud over my head almost bearable
But I'm never gunna see you again
Friday night - it's time for loneliness...
I sit at home by myself, texting you while you're out with my friends
I know I constantly bitch & moan & mope & beg for attention
Ignore me like you always do
You'll never ever see this through
I know I should be patient but... I don't care about you anymore

My life sucks but i know that everybody's does
Our lives suck but cant you see that everyone's does?