Shut Up & Go Die! [EP]

by The Dani Band Traveling Band

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At the beginning of 2012 I started writing some songs about really stupid people and the stupid things they did to me. Originally I wanted to make a full-length album about it but quickly decided that they don't deserve a full-length album about them. Quite frankly, they don't deserve an EP either but the damage had already been done and the songs had already been written.

The last band I wrote all the music for had just broken up and all my other bands didn't quite fit the bill. Then I thought " wait a sec, I can kinda play these instruments and barely know what I'm doing when it comes to recording, I'll just do it myself!" So I did.

I'm not the best guitarist... or bassist... or vocalist... or recording engineer... but hey, I'm a drummer. Give me a break.

I did a lot of experimenting with song structure, using two guitars, "singing" versus yelling everything, harmonizing vocals, and even trying different mixing techniques. It's all pretty different than most other projects I'm a part of so needless to say, I'm pretty nervous about showing... anybody.

Hope you enjoy!!


released June 9, 2012

All songs written, played, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Dani.

Artwork by Vernon Mahoney ( and Teagan White (



all rights reserved


The Dani Band Traveling Band Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays drums in a bunch of bands. Used to play guitar in one band. Now plays drums, bass, guitar, & sings for the Dani Band.

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Track Name: DaniCoach
When I find myself hiding
I can't tell you how much time I've spent biding
But once you see there's no reason to believe
Hold this please. I'll be right back
No, I swear! Okay... you got me!
Four years, three months, two days I've been waiting to have this one chance
Fifteen minutes sure seems more like three
It just doesn't last
Now nostalgia is clawing at my feet
Help me please!
We have done all this before
And now you say that you're getting bored?
I lied. I hated this from the start
I thought it could get me somewhere
Yet I'm stuck you - nowhere
I confess it was all the free pizza that drew me in
I've got gelato seeping out between my teeth
My gums are starting to freeze
Sunburnt chest won't take away from this heartache
It just doesn't ease the pain
I can see you walking away but I keep talking as if you were never there
May I have this dance?
It may be our last chance
To fix these wounds of stubbed toes, broken bones, scrapes & scratches, aches & pains, burns from matches
You go your way, I'll go mine even if we're heading in the same direction
I stand corrected. Upon reflection I can see I can't go anywhere but here
I stand corrected. Upon reflection I can be anywhere but here
To find the remedy, find the cure for this bordedom that's blanketed us like blankets tend to do
We can sit here & grieve goodbyes OR have ourselves one last adventure
Collecting leaves, tip-toeing between the trees, and making references to Disney movies
We have done all this before
And now you tell me that you're getting bored?
I know I said this would last forever, but it seems my sense of time is skewed
Things will be alright.
You have friends and I like to think I have friends
Hold this please
I'll be right back
Yes, I swear!
Just promise that you'll wait for me
Track Name: Chameleon
You're happy your depression gets you all this attention
No one wants to hear about your success & joy
They just thrive on what gets you down
And you thrive on their sympathy
You know you're messing things up
You know you're doing wrong
But you play dumb and hope things work themselves out as you keep moving on
I can't tell if I'd rather be hurt & inspired or content & bored (boring)
But that's all you've done for me
So thanks for the inspiration

I know my problems aren't as cool/bad as yours
And I should just shut up because my life's really not that bad

I wouldn't be surprised if you forget about my feelings all together

You deserve everything you got
And maybe I do too...

Everything you said was right: "It's not your fault. Everything will be okay 'cause it's not your fault"
Track Name: Boozehound
It's easy to forget about your problems when your head is spinning
And you know that it's just the beginning
You drink to forget what made you sad and why your dad is calling you a Boozehound

Every single day starts with a headache
Every singe night ends with a heartbreak
Everyone you know is dead & gone
You're by yourself; you're all alone

I'm just a dog. Forgetting about all the things I've done wrong
I'll take a shotgun to the face
Your actions drove me to this
Your actions drove me to this
Your actions drove me to this
And now I'm just a Boozehound

But $6.59 for just 12 beers just doesn't sound that bad
I hope my body doesn't...
I can't remember how I got home last night
I hope my body doesn't...
Track Name: Things That Make Me Sad
Where do I get these ideals if I'm the only one that feels them?
I'm starting to wonder if they're just something in my head

You don't belong to me and I can't tell you what to do or who to be
I guess we weren't that good of friends in the end, anyway

I'm an apparent subject for disrespect
So all jump on my ass when I can't take him seriously
But what have you done to deserve that role?
I hope when you're having fun, you think of me

Because I'm going to be that bitter asshole
Hoping & wishing that you're miserable too

I feel so alone when my friends don't agree with me
I can't help but think you took the easy way out
I can't even trust my own intuition
But at least I've got some of my own ambition

I hate all my friends except for him&her&you&you
I look to the stars for all my answers but all I see are a hundred glowing lights staring back at me

I did something I've never done before
I drank to forget what's going on
But it only made me think of you more
Then I did it again & again & again
I did something I've never done before
I cried myself to sleep every single night
I've never cried so uncontrolably
Then I did it again & again & again

I hope every Saturday night, you picture me on a walk in the cities
Alone with a beer in my hand, with no clue where I am

Katy Perry makes me think of you
The lightrail makes me think of you
Star Wars makes me think of you
Zombies make me think of you
Haircuts make me think of you
Hello Kitty makes me think of you
Being broke makes me think of you
New Year's Eve makes me think of you
Candy makes me think of you
Sleeping makes me think of you
Dreaming makes me think of you
Saturdays makes me think of you
Dinosaurs makes me think of you
Everything makes me think of you