Polycephaly​/​Polyamorous (split w/ Liquor Store Apostle)

by The Dani Band Traveling Band

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Nate & I play in a thrash band called The Terrordactyls (theterrordactyls.bandcamp.com) but in the ridiculous amount time where we're not rehearsing or out gigging, we each decided to do our own wimpy side-project.

There's not really a point to doing a solely digital split, but ya know what? Neither of us really care. #yolo

My songs are about my friends.


released April 6, 2013

Tracks 1-5 by The Dani Band Traveling Band
Track 6-11 by Liquor Store Apostle (liquorstoreapostle.bandcamp.com)

Art by Jesse Barstad (jessebarstad.blogspot.com)



all rights reserved


The Dani Band Traveling Band Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays drums in a bunch of bands. Used to play guitar in one band. Now plays drums, bass, guitar, & sings for the Dani Band.

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Track Name: Wyld Times
Wild Times outside Wild Tymes
I can't say I saw it coming
Smoking cigarettes, having a good time
Making new company
Biding my time, sobering up
I think my night's just expired
The shadows lurking around the corner don't crack a smile

Sucker punch from behind
I can see him hit the ground
And before I hear a sound
My legs took me as far away as fast as they could go

I never once looked back
I'm not sure I could have helped him anyway
I'm scare. I'm shocked. I'm on the path that's quickest to get me home

Please tell me that I did the right thing
Because there's no shame in hiding in the dark, right?
Safe in my apartment still shivering, maybe from the cold
I never saw the three of them again

I still think about it
Almost every night, it's on my mind
I still think about it
Almost every night that one event from that one day is on my mind
Track Name: Solver
You can overcome your fears
When you realize no one cares

All your baggage is weighing you down
And your heart is breaking
But you can't seem to let her go
Despite your greatest attempts

And no one's listening
No one gives a shit about you

Their sympathy's a short fuse:
Running out & going fast
So what will you do to keep your life in tact?

You can put on that frown
And cast your lure out to sea
But you've bored all the fish away
No one can help you but yourself

Not sure where I am
Maybe I can sulk my way out
Passerby, please help me out now

Not sure who I am
Maybe your can solve my problems
Track Name: Hazel Eyes
Where do all my friends go when I close my eyes and fall asleep?
I try to stay awake. I try to not blink. I try not to miss a thing

This miscommunication between you & I is getting ugly
We're lacking that camaraderie that got us so far

So Rosi, don't tell them that I'm a piece of shit

The chain around our necks holding us together can't take much more
The solitude of every solid dude got the best of us and we're falling apart

The fog between our friendship gets blurrier every time I look so I stare the other way hoping you'll still be there if I turn around

So Rosi, please don't tell them I'm a piece of shit
Track Name: Don't Let Them Kill You
I know this life's not made for everybody
But please tell me you're not one of them

Because I can think of a million different reasons for you to stick around
Things won't be the same without you here
I'll tell you life won't be the same

You & the world aren't always compatible
I'm sensitive and you're an asshole

My life sucks but I know everybody's does
Our lives suck but can't you see that everyone's does?

I'd rather fucking die than see razors run past your wrists
I know you've got to let your demons out
But please please choose another way
Because life won't be the same with out you
Track Name: Embarrassed & Awkward
The first time we made out was at my place in the basement laying on my bed
It was late at night and my dad was home

I was shivering and not just from the cold
Could you tell that I was scared?
But you seemed to be enjoying yourself

I drive my '93 Buick Century to my two part-time jobs and now I'm embarrassed of that too
I thought I'd calm down when you grabbed my hand and held it in yours
But my heart ran faster and started to get away from me

Tomorrow's not another day
It's just one more spent without you

And I don't know if you're coming back
You're returning home, yes
You're going to see your friends

But you're not coming back to me

Day 1 seemed so right - Day 2 ended wrong
I feel like I couldn't keep your interest very long
We couldn't quite keep it up like we did the night before
You walked to your car while I stood stupid at my front door

Please come with me back to sleep

(You make me nervous - I can hardly get to sleep
These cocoons in my stomach are breaking as we speak
You make me anxious - I can't breath)