Probably the first song I wrote for "The Last One" that just happened to not make it on the album. Pretty obvious what it's about: not being able to let your guard down and just trust people because you have this crippling fear that everyone you consider a friend is secretly plotting against you.... for some reason?


I can't shake this aching feeling that you're not telling me the truth
Like every word that drips from your lips is donning a mask
I can't take all of this pressure to fulfill these needs you left unsaid
No need to speak. I read you loud & clear

I'm quite sure I know how you feel, despite your lies & resistance
What is it that's making you unhappy? Why did I find out this way?

It's all in my head
I'm paralyzed from the heart out
I'm feeling cold & alone like everyone's out to get me

Who's this guy that's got you so concerned?
You're looking at me but thinking of another
Lip syncing what you say to me
You actions from words speak differently


released December 30, 2013



all rights reserved


The Dani Band Traveling Band Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plays drums in a bunch of bands. Used to play guitar in one band. Now plays drums, bass, guitar, & sings for the Dani Band.

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